Signage and installation

This sign was produced and installed by us for GWR for the Re-naming of Swindon’s Train Station. As you can see, it was a pretty big deal!

Bespoke Graphic projects

Here at we encourage people to think outside the box and try to find printing materials and solutions that help there visions become a reality. This project was one of the more unusual graphics that we have produced in recent times.

Event banners

We produce Banners for Sporting, Promotional and Calendar events to name but a few throughout the year. We supply a range of “Generic” designs like the one pictured for your Pub, Restaurant or Bespoke Designs for a Particular Event that you may hold. Just give us a call, we’ll be more than happy to help […]

Advertising Trailer Banners

Here at Superwide we print and fit Advertising Trailer banners to your Trailer. These are a great way of getting your companies offers and events seen in various locations without having to pay for “fixed” advertising space.

V FEST Charge Tower Banner Skins.

We produced these for the years V FEST in Chelmsford. The “Charge Towers” were used for Festival goers to charge up their mobile phones. The “skins” that we printed were wrapped around the Charge tower frames to make them easier for the festival goers to see. They had a really colourful impact, in the day […]

Kenzo 72 Project

This was a fun project to be involved in. We produced and fitted interior and exterior graphics and routed lettering for a new venue in the heart of Old Town Swindon. Kenzo 72 is a contemporary new Lounge Bar & Kitchen that offers customers a relaxing atmosphere and Contemporary Fusion Tapas with Oriental influences.

Banners Printed and installed

Here at Superwidegraphics we can offer you or your Client a full turn key solution when it comes to design, Print and installation. This P.V.C Large Banner was Printed and installed within a 3 day turnaround.

Large Building Mesh Banner

This large Mesh banner was 50M x 12M It’s being used to advertise an office space development, while doubling up as a protective screen for the building work that’s taking place.